In February 2022, Russia’s brutal, unprovoked invasion of Ukraine began, devastating the lives of millions. Yet the people of Ukraine, with support from people around the world, have rallied to defend their nation and way of life. In response to this horrific act of aggression, comics publisher Tokyopop, working in collaboration with the Ukrainian creative collective Art Nation, has published Peremoha: Victory for Ukraine, a full-color comics anthology featuring nine stories by Ukrainian creators, in print and digital formats. The anthology’s stories capture the destruction and human casualties left in the wake of the Russian invasion, as well as the heroism of the Ukrainian people and its military. The stories include “Zmiinyi Island 13” by writer Denys Fadieiev and artist Ihor Kurilin, the story of the battle for Snake Island and the Ukrainian soldiers that defied Russian demands to surrender; and “The Witch” by Fadieiev and artist Kateryna Kosheleva, the tale of a woman of unusual powers who faces down the Russian invaders. Tokyopop publisher Stu Levy said, “These stories are vignettes, originally created and published to inspire the people of Ukraine, but they will leave a lasting impression on readers around the world. We invite readers to discover this book and to stand for victory and freedom with the people of Ukraine.” In “The Ghost of Kiev,” the 11-page story presented here, Fadieiev and artist Oleksandr Koreshkov, recreate the exploits of the mythical Ukrainian fighter pilot lionized in the early days of the war. Peremoha: Victory for Ukraine is out now from Tokyopop.