In their new graphic novel The Ghost of Wreckers Cove, Eisner award-winning cartoonist Liniers and writer Angelica del Campo recreate the world of 19th century lighthouse keepers in a delightful supernatural tale about ghosts and shipwrecks, inspired by the life-story of a heroic young woman who tended an isolated Maine lighthouse many years ago. Two young sisters Cristina and Martha and their dad, move to a summer home in a small coastal town located near an old nonworking lighthouse. As the two sisters explore the beach and the old lighthouse, they encounter a friendly, albeit unusual, red-haired girl, who turns out to be a ghostly local legend with a heartbreaking story shrouded in mystery. In this six-page excerpt, Cristina and Martha meet Ida, the red haired girl, while they relax and play on the beach near the lighthouse. The Ghost of Wreckers Cove by Liniers and Angelica del Campo will be published by Amazon's Comixology Originals digital content line in November.