In a series of spooky, instantly recognizable scenarios, Bradfield—whose day job, surprisingly and fittingly enough, is CEO as well as founder of the file-transfer service WeTransfer—recreates the annoying and downright ominous online experience of digital ads, tracking and constant surveillance across digital platforms experienced by everyone online. Indeed his new graphic novel, created with artist David Sánchez, surveys and predicts a wide range of the increasingly dubious consequences of life online. The threatening nature of using the internet is captured through satirical vignettes that lampoon Amazon, Apple and giant tech platforms like them, projecting a future of corporate-driven consumer alienation in a world without privacy. His stories suggest the culture (driven by the government) is headed toward the elimination of the right to physical possession of cultural stuff like vinyl records or books, forcing everyone to stash such stuff in digital formats in the cloud. In the story “Shoes,” featured here, a consumer, after browsing for shoes, finds he’s being stalked by the actual salesperson from the store, doggedly following him everywhere he goes (even to his apartment) in a vividly creepy recreation of the way digital advertising seems to follow us around online after even the most cursory act of window-shopping. Algorithmic Reality by Damian Bradfield and David Sánchez is out now from NBM.