Hicks and Oosterhous’s very funny graphic novel Grand Slam Romance captures the outrageous antics–romantic and athletic–of a queer and very magical softball rivalry. It’s the story of ace nonbinary pitcher Mickey Monsoon of the Belle City Broads, and complications that arise when a romantic crush from her past–Astra Maxima, an irresistibly powerful magical softball girl who dominates on the softball field and in the bedroom–returns to her life playing for a competing team. Over the years Maxima’s combination of eye-popping softball skills (she’s a power hitting catcher) and supercharged libidinous allure has left teammates, adversaries, and former lovers alike (with lots of overlap) in her lecherous wake, among them a mysterious butch German softball player named Wolfgang who is out for revenge. Wolfgang organizes a secret team to take down Maxima and recruits Mickey to pitch. Needless to say, hijinks ensue in this delightfully illustrated, manga-influenced, sexy queer girl sports romp. In this 11-page excerpt, Mickey is pitching well until Maxima steps up to plate. Grand Slam Romance by Ollie Hicks and Emma Oosterhous is out now from Surely Books..