Part of a series of manga-inspired crime, sci-fi, and martial arts graphic novels, Xogenasys is set in 2069 in a New York City overwhelmed by gangs and crime. Xogenasys is a professional fighting league comprised of teams outfitted in tech-powered exoskeletons, and Darius Smith, a teenage fight fan and aspiring comics artist, loves to watch league matches. Turns out he’s a devastating street fighter himself, although he refuses to join a gang. It's a refusal that marks him as a target for their retribution. Though determined to avoid trouble as well as gang life, Darius’s fighting skills—and a trail of bloodied and maimed adversaries—land him in a juvenile detention center, where he comes to the attention of the owner of one of Xogenasys’s most successful fighting teams. In this eight-page excerpt, Darius arrives at the juvenile center and finds that his reputation as a fighter has made him a target yet again. Xogenasys, Volume 1, by Johnny O'Bryant and Tre Mcintosh, with art by Nikolas Draper-Ivey, is out this month, published by Noir Caesar in collaboration with Tokyopop.