Engaging and full of crackling dialogue, Roaming, by the acclaimed Tamaki cousins, Jillian and Mariko, is the story of three Canadian college students on spring break in New York City in 2009. There's Zoey, queer and studious in black hoodies and jeans; Zoey's childhood friend Dani, ingenuous, eager to see New York; and Dani’s sly classmate Fiona, stylish and distant, a razor wit coupled with a superior attitude. The writing, by both Tamakis, offers a coming-of-age urban adventure that captures each character's distinct voice and personality, while Jillian’s crisp drawings and mood-rich two-tone peach and slate-blue coloring bring the sculptural heft and density of iconic New York City venues and streets to life. In this 11-page excerpt, the three young women visit Madison Square Park, then go shopping, all the while complicating their evolving relationship with probing exchanges and a strategic flirtation. Roaming by Jillian Tamaki and Mariko Tamaki is out now from Drawn & Quarterly.