Cartoonist Dave Chisholm, who is also a jazz trumpeter and a professor of music at the University of Rochester, follows his celebrated 2020 Charlie Parker graphic biography (Chasin’ the Bird—Charlie Parker in California) with Miles Davis and the Search for the Sound, an equally impressive graphic work on the life of Parker’s legendary bebop cohort Miles Davis (1926-1991). The book opens in 1982: Davis is recovering from a stroke that left him unable to play the trumpet, and his therapist urges him to make pencil drawings to rehab his constricted right hand. The depiction of Davis’s halting investigation of a new art form launches a richly conceived graphic survey of the life of one of the most influential and stylish American musicians of the 20th century. The book is based on the many books and articles about, and interviews with, Davis—in fact, all of Davis’s dialogue is taken from his autobiography or interviews. Chisholm has crafted a lively, irresistibly detailed, and visually inventive work covering virtually every aspect of Davis’s storied musical career and charismatic but often troubled personal life, including his move to New York City in 1944 (and meeting with Charlie Parker), the women in his life, drug addiction, and his astonishing record of transformative musical works created across five decades as a jazz musician, bandleader, composer, and cultural icon. In this eight page excerpt, it’s 1947, and Miles Davis meets arranger/composer Gil Evans, one of his great musical collaborators, for the first time in a club in New York City. Miles Davis and the Search for the Sound by Dave Chisholm is out this month from Z2 Comics.