In their new YA graphic novel, Lunar New Year Love Story, Eisner Award–winning cartoonist and comics writer Gene Luen Yang and acclaimed children’s book artist LeUyen Pham offer a delightful and often very funny supernatural tale of teenagers navigating romantic love and tough family issues in the Asian American community. Valentina Tran, a Vietnamese American teen, has loved Valentine’s Day—she’s named after the holiday—since middle school. Each year, her imaginary friend Cupid, the mythological winged cherub of love, returns to help her make charming valentine cards for classmates and for her dad, who has raised her alone since the death of her mother. But in high school, valentines just aren’t cool, and even her dad wants her to grow up and move on from the cards. Then one day, her grandmother, whom she’s hasn’t seen since her mom’s death, shows up and reveals a shocking secret about her mother. In this eight-page excerpt, grandma—let’s just say she’s a hoot—knocks on the door, and Valentina’s ideas about romantic love and her mother take an unexpected turn. Lunar New Year Love Story by Gene Luen Yang and artist LeUyen Pham will be published in January by First Second Books.