Published by Dark Horse Books in collaboration with the African American horror publisher Second Sight Publishing, Shook! A Black Horror Anthology collects a dozen tales of hair-raising terror, monsters, and gore grounded in America’s grim racial history and enlivened by humor and hip-hop culture. The stories reimagine lynchings and the undead (“The Last March” by Barnes and David Brame), monsters and monster-hunters (“Ezra, the Hunter” by Kevin Grevioux and Roberto Castro), and even horror spoofs (“The Monster of Blackenstyne” by David Walker and Adam Seats) in a collection of devilishly creepy narratives delivered from an African American cultural perspective. In this six-page excerpt from Marcus Roberts and Jamal Williams Jr.’s story “Hell to Pay,” two contemporary Black scientists create a time-travel machine and plan to go back to the Jim Crow–era 1960s and rescue four Black schoolgirls murdered in a notorious church bombing—only to end up, well, shook, by what they encounter. Shook! A Black Horror Anthology is out now from Dark Horse/Second Sight Publishing.