Alternating between sharp bouts of biting humor and moments of volcanic rage, Anna Härmälä’s new graphic novel, Single Mothering, offers an all too reliable, often hilarious account of the social and emotional challenges facing single mothers. The book recounts the semi-autobiographical story of Mia, a young mother raising an infant daughter alone after her partner splits during her pregnancy. In crisp drawings that humorously present her state of mind, Härmälä offers a catalog of the daily provocations confronting Mia and other single moms: seeking precious government services, encountering barely disguised disapproval of their parenting, and navigating friendships with other single moms and dealing with clueless pre-motherhood single friends—not to mention financial insecurity, soul crushing envy of seemingly happy two-parent families, and the unrelenting fatigue of single mom sleep-deprivation. In this eight-page excerpt, a haggard Mia attends a single mom event and drifts into a deeply satisfying daydream about smoldering resentment and violent revenge. Single Mothering by Anna Härmälä will be published by Nobrow this month.