Acclaimed cartoonist Emil Ferris has delivered My Favorite Thing Is Monsters, Book 2, the eagerly-awaited sequel to her impressive 2017 debut graphic novel, and it does not disappoint. Karen Reyes, Ferris’s irresistibly curious 10-year-old queer protagonist, continues to probe the family mysteries and eccentric characters that animate her working-class life in 1960s Chicago. We learn more about Karen’s brother Deeze, the death of her beautiful neighbor and Holocaust survivor Anka, and the gloomy apartment building in which they live, as Shelley, a surprise love interest, enters Karen’s life. Karen also returns to her beloved Chicago museums to reflect on the great works of art, and her love of—and identification with—trashy monster movies and fan magazines is undiminished. All of this is vividly depicted in Ferris’s superb drawings. In this six-page excerpt, Karen draws passengers on the El train as she and Deeze head to the Art Institute, stopping along the way to discuss the Fort Dearborn Massacre sculpture on Chicago’s DuSable Bridge. My Favorite Thing Is Monsters, Book Two by Emil Ferris is out this month from Fantagraphics.