Happy Thanksgiving! Whether you still need to plan the entire menu or just need a recipe for stuffing or cranberry sauce, here are some hand-picked recipes from new and forthcoming cookbooks. There's a cocktail from The Essential New York Times Cookbook, turkey from Laurent Tourondel's new book, pannetone stuffing from Michael Chiarello, cranberry sauce from Heart of the Artichoke, and a twist on pecan pie from Michel Richard.


The Normandy from The Essential New York Times Cookbook by Amanda Hesser (Norton)

Hesser says this libation, which includes cranberries, green apple, and Calvados, is “mulled cider and digestif in one.” Yes, please!


Roasted Root and Gourd Soup from Quick & Easy Vegan Celebrations by Alicia C. Simpson (The Experiment)

Butternut squash’s subtly sweet flavor is enhanced by carrot and sweet potatoes in this soup.


Roasted Turkey with Rosemary Gravy from Fresh From the Market by Laurent Tourondel (Wiley)

Tourondel rubs rosemary butter under the turkey’s skin, and then uses the juices and some fresh rosemary sprigs to make a delightful gravy.


Panettone Stuffing from Bottega by Michael Chiarello (Chronicle)

Panettone is already showing up in many stores, so why not use it for stuffing? Though Chiarello also says you can use brioche or a soft country bread.

Green Bean and Shoepeg Corn Casserole from Southern Plate by Christy Jordan (Morrow)

Jordan’s grandmother always brought this dish to Easter dinner, but it would be a fine substitute for traditional green bean casserole at Thanksgiving. You can use whole kernel yellow corn if you can’t find shoepeg corn.

Sweet Potatoes Anna from Williams-Sonoma Cooking at Home by Chuck Williams (Weldon-Owen)

Pommes Anna, an elegant layered potato dish, was supposedly created at the time of the Second Empire for a stylish French woman named Anna Deslions. This modern version uses sweet potatoes instead of regular potatoes.

Spicy Cranberry Chutney from Heart of the Artichoke by David Tanis (Artisan)

This is a hot twist on cranberry sauce, with fresh ginger, jalapeno, and cayenne pepper.


Dinner Rolls from The Illustrated Step-by-Step Cook (DK)

These rolls, made from egg-enriched dough, can be shaped however you like, though an assortment of different forms looks very nice in a basket. The dough can be made, shaped and frozen ahead of time. Defrost, and then back just before serving. Freshly baked rolls also freeze well.


Quick Pecan Pie with Sorghum Molasses & Cranberry Curry Cream from Sweet Magic by Michel Richard (Ecco)

Richard uses a no-bake crust that features ground pecans, chocolate, and curry. (It’s a play on the way Indian and Pakistani chefs roast nuts seasoned with sugar, salt, and curry.) The pie’s sweet and spiced filling cooks quickly in the microwave—and the cranberry juice adds just enough fruity tartness to cut through the sweetness. The result, Richard says, is “all about smooth texture with nutty crunchiness and great complexity of flavor that is bold instead of fussy.”