What Would the Vikings Eat?

Danish chef René Redzepi’s NOMA: Time and Place in Nordic Cuisine has emerged as one of the most blogged-about cookbooks of the year, and Slate takes a close look at the book. It notes, “The NOMA cookbook qua recipe book is as good as useless to American home-cooks who are not Nathan Myrhvold. It does, however, offer a sense of how the most talked-about young chef in the world might influence restaurateurs in the United States.”

The Year's Best Cookbooks

Best-of-the-year cookbook lists abound. Here’s the New York Times's, Washington Post’s, Fox Foodie’s, Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef’s, and Eater’s round-up of the round-ups.

Early Notes on Achatz’s New Book

Gotham Books has sent out galleys for Grant Achatz’s Life, On the Line, which pubs next spring. We’re reading our copy now, and here are some excerpts available at Eater, among them: Achatz was a total gearhead growing up; he didn't have the best time working under Charlie Trotter; and right before the reopening of his first major Chicago gig as the chef of Trio, Achatz compiled a list of the top five restaurants in the city with his staff. The fifth spot was left blank, "because [Trio's] not open yet."

Cookbook Art for Sale

Sarah Rutherford, who did the illustrations for The Frankies Spuntino Kitchen Companion & Cooking Manual, is selling originals and limited-edition prints from the book. They’re quite beautiful, especially the braciole series.