O'Neill at Beard
Molly O’Neill, author of One Big Table: 600 Recipes From the Nation's Best Home Cooks, Farmers, Fishermen, Pit-Masters, and Chefs, will participate in a Beard on Books event at the James Beard House in New York tomorrow, February 23, at 12:00 PM. Drinks and dessert will be served; guests are welcome to bring a brown-bag lunch of foraged dandelion, spring garlic salad, pueblo tamales, Rice Krispies treats, or any of the other dishes featured in O’Neill’s book.

WNBA Talks Cooking in DC
The Washington, D.C., chapter of the Women’s National Book Association (WNBA) is sponsoring a panel discussion on cooking and eating for good health on February 24 from 6:30 to 8:00 pm. Washington Post deputy food editor Bonnie Benwick will lead a discussion with authors Teri Cochrane (Restorative Recipes), Wenonah Hauter (Zapped! Irradiation and the Death of Food), Sheilah Kaufman (Sephardic Israeli Cuisine), and Louisa Peat O’Neil (Pyrénées Pilgrimage). The event is free and will take place at Georgetown Library, 3260 R Street NW.