The Modernist Cuisine is available again

All you technical foodies out there will be relieved to hear that, after a sold out first printing of 6000, the six-volume, $625 edition will now be available. The book was originally printed in Japan, but do to the earthquake, the printer was no longer available. The book will now be printed in China, and because of different paper stock (from 128 gsm paper to 157 gsm), the shipping weight of the package will increase from 46.3 lbs., to a heftier 50.7 lbs. Have your hand truck ready at the front door.

Have App, will Grill

Weldon Owen just came out with an iPhone/iPad app for grillers: Williams-Sonoma Grill Master: The Ultimate Arsenal of Back-to-Basics Recipes for the Grill. It’s by North Carolina food writer Fred Thompson (Barbecue Nation), and price is $12.99.

A Cookbook Conference

Will cookbooks continue to exist in print? How will they evolve?

There’s planning afoot to stage a conference that will address the future of cookbooks. For more information, contact Adam Salamone: