By now most of you cookbook insiders already know about the cookbook conference that will take place at the Roger Smith Hotel from February 9th to the 12th.

There’ll be some heavy-hitters in the field speaking—cookbook editors, authors, agents, bloggers, and newspaper and magazine writers.

Judith Weinraub will chair a panel addressing “The People behind the Pages: The Appeal of the Personality-Driven Cookbook,” with Madhur Jaffrey, Peter Kaminsky, Jane Lear, and Jane Ziegelman.

Gary Allen will discuss “The Cookbook Editor’s Role” with editors, Elisabeth Dyssegaard, Judith Jones, and Rux Martin.

And I will talk with author and New Times columnist Melissa Clark, Washington Post’s Joe Yonan, and Addie Broyles from the Austin American-Statesman on “Media Outlets in the Digital World.”

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