Consuming wine does not equal understanding. The world of wine can be a confusing place, but these books can help:

According to How to Love Wine author Eric Asimov (chief wine critic at The New York Times) wine is “a serious matter that can weigh heavily on a person” often producing anxiety. In his book, which is part memoir, part manifesto, Asimov wants “to reorient our thinking about wine so that pleasure comes first.” He does this by weaving together his vast professional knowledge with delightful personal stories about his passion for wine. Humorous chapter names include “The Tyranny of the Tasting Note” and “Drinking by Numbers”.

For the trivia lover, there’s The Curious World of Wine; Facts Legends, and Lore About the Drink We Love So Much by Richard Vine. A wine maker and professor, Vine has assembled fascinating and unique information, like the fact that the first Missouri wine was made by French Jesuits at a seminary near St. Louis in 1823.

If your looking for a quick wine fix, Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan’s “The One Minute Wine Taster” promises to help you "discover 10 wines you’ll like in 60 seconds or less." In the One Minute Wine Master Quiz, the author asks readers 11 questions to help determine their wine preference (How spicy do you like your food? What type of perfume or cologne do you like?).

On a more serious note- the massive “Wines of the Southern Hemisphere” by Mike Desimone & Jeff Jenssen, the world wine guys, has everything you want and need to know about wines from Brazil, Chile, South Africa and more. “More than just a simple listing of key countries, regions, and producers, this tome delves into the entire winemaking industry of the Southern Hemisphere, giving readers a historical, geographical, and enological overview.” Also for the serious wine lover is Kevin Zraly’s Windows on the World Complete Wine Course was originally published in 1985, and is now available in paperback. This beautiful, coffe-table book is the perfect starter guide that includes questions and points from Zraly’s famous wine class.