Nigella Lawson’s latest cookbook, Nigellissima, is due out in February, but for the true Nigellaficionado who cannot wait, here is a free iOS app (also named Nigellissima) which provides a sampling of 13 recipes from the book, along with a variety of colorful features for her diehard fans. In the iPad version, the home screen consists of seven touch-panels, two of which are dedicated to selling the chef’s new and previously published works. A third panel leads to real time updates of her Twitter, Facebook and blog feeds. Panel four, “The Making of Nigellissima” explores the book’s creation using text, video, and photos such as one of Nigella herself being photographed eating spaghetti while sitting on a kitchen counter. Panel five, “Nigella’s Italy,” consists of 8 video segments wherein she dispenses advice and describes her various inspirations and “personal passions.” Offerings within the recipe section include five desserts such as Vanilla Mousse and Italian Apple Pie, and three pasta entrees. Instructions can be scrolled through, and in perhaps the app’s most savvy feature, one can easily send ingredients lists to email for easy access when ready to shop. The app’s seventh section is called “Nigella’s Latin Loves,” and is Latin only in the broadest, most Rudolph Valentino-esque sense. It is an offbeat collection of 18 of her favorite Italian things, presented in the form of small, rotating icons and brief descriptions. Items include prosecco, white truffle butter, and a Fiat which honks when selected.