Sunbeam’s top-of-the-line Crock-Pot retails for $130 and comes with a dozen useful features. Sunbeam’s new Crock-Pot Recipes app for the iPhone or iPad retails for $3.99 and also comes with a dozen useful features, not to mention 250 recipes, plus free additional monthly meals downloadable from their online recipe store. This means that while you are waiting the two hours for your No Fuss Macaroni & Cheese, you can be adding your own notes to the recipe or dropping and dragging other recipes into your personalized recipe box. While you are waiting the three hours for your Mu Shu Turkey, you can be organizing entire meals using the Meal Builder screen or playing with the filters that let you limit dishes, for example, to those with less than 500 calories or less than six ingredients. While you are waiting the four hours for your Cherry Flan, you can shake your iPhone or press the “stir” button on the iPad app and see what random recipe appears, then email it to a friend or share it on Facebook. Or, you can put a recipe into “prepare” mode which not only increases its font size, but also activates voice recognition so you can say “next” or “back” to have the pages turn themselves. There’s no telling who the chefs are here but carbs and comfort are the order of the day. About half the recipes involve cheese in one way or another, potatoes show up in 29 of the options, and beans in 35. This means that you can use the “Add Your Own Recipe” option should you feel the need for dietary balance.