No, your $500 iPad is not on fire. That smoke filling the screen is just one of the amusing effects loaded into this free app full of grilling recipes from the folks at Dash Magazine. When the haze clears, you will find 50 dishes broken out into seven thematic menus: Fiesta Mexicana, Kids’ Party, Mother’s Day, Pizza Night, Father’s Day, Fourth of July, and Southern Comfort.

To build your own Memorial Day meal, utilize what is actually a better navigational choice: the app’s recipe index. Here, each entry is listed, along with a color photo, under one of four categories: Main Dish, Starters & Sides, Drinks, and Desserts. Perhaps choose the salmon and herb burger, some pesto grilled mini pizzas, and a side of pasta salad with grilled corn and broccoli. You can wash it down with a cranberry-orange fizz or a strawberry margarita. For dessert, there are five different ice cream sandwich options or, of course, grilled fruit. While beautifully photographed and fun to navigate, the recipes themselves are often confined to small, semi-transparent tap-boxes that require an extra flick of the screen and can be difficult to read with the image beneath it bleeding through. Still, the price is right, the animation clever, and bonuses like a small catalog of grilling gadgets make this app well worth the 86MB of storage space it takes up.