To borrow a classic quote from the film, Pulp Fiction, “Bacon tastes good.” This has never been more in evidence than today as the big B has travelled far from the comfort of a BLT, finding its way into everything from jam to mixed drinks to this beautifully rendered (and free) app for iOS. The “Bacon Through Time” slideshow is reason enough to download, but in addition to the copious exploration of bacon’s background, there are also instructions on making five different types, including Canadian, guanciale, and face bacon, and 31 recipes covering entrees, sides, snacks, desserts and cocktails. Hi-res photos elevate each entry into the realm of the mouth-watering and, when connected to the internet, there are 20 HD videos to enhance the learning experience.

The app’s two featured contributors are Tom Mylan, the executive butcher of The Meat Hook in Brooklyn, and Ari Weinzweig, CEO of Zingerman’s, the meat mail-order catalog that is quickly transforming Weinzweig into the J. Peterman of pancetta. A variety of guest chefs weigh in as well. A sampling of their tastiest dishes would have to include the PB&J&B with a jelly made from dried cherries and balsamic vinegar, the fried coriander bacon with salsa verde, the malted bacon ice cream, and the Swine and Thine, a cocktail with bacon-infused rum and chocolate bitters. And for those who are more concerned with eating bacon than curing it, there is a handy and interactive guide to the “best mail-order bacon.”

Naturally, most of the links lead straight to Zingerman’s, but some fine outliers are graciously included too, like Nodine’s Smokehouse in Goshen, Conn., which offers a wet-cured bacon smoked over hickory wood and apple pulp. Consider that a pulp fact.