Cookbook trends, milestones, and roundups—here are PW's top 10 cooking stories of 2014.

10. The 'Moosewood Cookbook' Turns 40
Mollie Katzen, author of the groundbreaking Moosewood Cookbook, one of the bestselling cookbooks of all time, recalls her early collaboration with Ten Speed Press, which released a 40th anniversary edition of the seminal vegetarian cookbook in 2014.

9. Michael Ruhlman's Thanksgiving Turkey
James Beard Award-winning author Michael Ruhlman shared his recipe for Thanksgiving Turkey, from his latest book, Ruhlman's How to Roast.

8. Chefs Cook at Home: Fall Cookbooks 2014
Last fall's cookbook trends included restaurant chefs sharing their secrets for cooking at home, German food swinging to the forefront, and beverages (alcoholic or not) in the spotlight.

7. Giving Hungry Fans What They Want: Four Big Web-to-Cookbook Releases for Fall
PW spoke to the creators of How Sweet Eats, The Kitchn, Skinnytaste, and 100 Days of Real Food, as well as their editors, about what went into building their popular sites and their cookbooks.

6. Carla Hall's 3 Indispensable Cookbooks
The Chew's host chooses cookbooks that inspire creativity.

5. Real Thugs Eat Their Greens: The Story Behind ‘Thug Kitchen’
With blunt, expletive-drenched writing, the voice of Thug Kitchen stands out in the world of healthy living and cooking websites. PW spoke to the creators of the site—when they were still anonymous—about their cookbook, and their profane take on food writing.

4. Taking Food Preservation Into the Future: New Books Explore Age-Old Methods
Food preservation—whether through fermenting, pickling, canning, or other methods—has seen a remarkable resurgence of late. What’s behind this increased attention, and where is the movement headed?

3. Comics and Cavepeople: Nom Nom Paleo Is Having Fun with Food
For Michelle Tam, what started as a lifestyle change back in 2010 has turned into a popular blog and app, a bestselling cookbook—and an action figure.

2. The Cookbook Shelf, Spring 2014: In Bookstores, Libraries, and the Ether
Ree Drummond's A Year in Holidays and Kay Robertson's Miss Kay’s Duck Commander Kitchen topped 2013's besteller list.

1. Photos of Grandmas Around the World, With Their Signature Dishes
A look inside Gabriele Galimberti's In Her Kitchen, a collection of portraits of grandmothers in 60 countries, from Argentina to Zimbabwe, who posed with their favorite dishes.