The best regional cookbooks can transport you far from your home kitchen: to childhood, perhaps, and a favorite family meal, or to a far-off country long the subject of wanderlust fantasies.

This fall, an array of titles highlight traditional specialties, high-end restaurant dishes, and everything in between, from across the U.S. and around the world.

Such books do more than introduce readers to the iconic traits of a particular cuisine, says Amy Lyons, editorial director at Globe Pequot, whose upcoming regional cookbooks include two focused on Florida and one highlighting Wisconsin supper clubs. They can also act as a rallying point for the community and offer a ready customer base for a publisher.

“A good local book with a good local author instills a sense of pride and support from people in the region,” Lyons says. In this feature, we look at some forthcoming cookbooks that think global and local.

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Joy Bean is a frequent contributor to Publishers Weekly and our Cooking the Books cookbook newsletter.