In his new cookbook, Mark Bittman's Kitchen Matrix (Pam Krauss Books, Oct. 27), Bittman builds on his How to Cook Everything line of books with 400 recipes made simple, and customizable, through graphic matrices.

In each recipe matrix, Bittman’s formulas allow for mixing and matching ingredients and techniques to adapt for season and taste. Each matrix presents one ingredient or technique served up to 12 ways—matrices include Apples 10 Ways, Beets 12 Ways, and Pasta Primavera 8 Ways. In addition to the formulas, the book also has recipe generators, which illustrate options for particular concepts, as well as deep dives into foundational recipes. We've pulled two graphics from the book, Cocktails 12 Ways and a Finger Food Generator, ideal for crafting a tailor-made cocktail party.

Reprinted from Mark Bittman’s Kitchen Matrix. Copyright © 2015 by Mark Bittman. Photographs copyright © 2015 by Yunhee Kim. Published by Pam Krauss Books, an imprint of Penguin Random House LLC.