From cocktails on the Lower East Side to dinner with Dalí to Anthony Bourdain at home, here are our top cookbook stories of the year.

10. Teamwork, and Kickstarter, Get Late Author's Book to Shelves
How the husband and daughter of food writer and historian Joy Santlofer helped complete Joy's book, Food City, after she died suddenly in 2013.

9. The Making of a Bestseller: 'The Bob's Burgers Burger Book'
The story of how the tie-in cookbook to the Emmy Award-winning animated series came to be.

8. Strange, Surreal Cookbook by Salvador Dalí an Improbable Holiday Bestseller
In a season of blockbuster cookbooks, there has also been one unlikely hit—a reprint of an opulent cookbook by Dalí that's been out of print for 40 years.

7. With Dovetail, a Product Designer Branches Into Books
The Brooklyn-based W&P Design, which is established in the food-and-drink market, launched a publishing company to pair books with its original products.

6. Phaidon Bets Big on Vegetarian Cookbooks
Last April, for the first time in a decade, the publisher released a vegetarian-only cookbook.

5. Beyond Rustic: Publishers Take Up ‘Field-to-Table’ Cookbook Trend
A wave of new cookbooks arrived this year to teach readers the ins and outs of foraging and "field-to-table" cuisine.

4. Reviews of 2016's James Beard Award-Winning Books
A roundup of our coverage, including reviews, for the 14 winners of the 2016 James Beard Awards.

3. Breaking New Ground with a Cocktail Book from the man behind Milk & Honey
Phaidon expanded its nascent beverage list with Regarding Cocktails, the first and only cocktail recipe book from Sasha Petraske, the late, legendary owner of the New York City bar Milk & Honey.

2. Longtime Cookbook Collaborator Makes Her Solo Debut
Julia Turshen stepped into the limelight with her debut, 'Small Victories.'

1. Anthony Bourdain Is Not a Fan of Dessert
In Appetites, Bourdain's first cookbook in a decade, the chef/TV personality focuses on the food he prepares for family and friends.