Klett Group is a private German educational resource company, which operates 59 subsidiaries at 40 locations in 17 countries. The portfolio comprises traditional textbooks, digital interactive learning solutions, professional literature, and fiction.

Key company developments in 2011 & 1st half year 2012


Despite a weaker performance in 2011 with declines both in group revenues (from 465 million EUR in 2010 to 457 million EUR in 2011) and profits (21 million EUR to 17 million EUR), the Klett Group announced a “satisfactory year.” Even though educational publications were confronted with a difficult market environment and continuously declining student numbers, the segment remained on target both domestically and internationally. Consistent growth rates were found among childcare facilities, kindergartens, schools and adult education providers.

“The drop in revenues and the decline in profits in comparison to 2010 can be attributed to positive special effects, the benefits of which were most evident in 2010. This includes, for example, the sale of Giesel Publishing,” explains Philipp Haußmann, spokesman for the Ernst Klett AG Management Board. “Adjusted for these effects, 2011 turned out to be a solid fiscal year marked by positive developments in our business units.” (PR050412)

Group revenues comprise several single businesses such as Educational Publishing (50.8%), Adult and Continued Education (30.4%), Professional Information (12.3%), Cultural Publications (4.4%), Sales and Distribution (1%), and Other (1.1%).

Ownership, mergers & acquisition, internal organization:

In the future, Klett plans to increase investments in digital media. The Group also intends to expand its portfolio for schools, kindergartens and childcare facilities. In the future, adult education will also play a key role.

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Note: Figures are based on sales generated in calendar 2011 or—for corporations with a fiscal year—from fiscal 2011. Data are from publicly available sources and include sales of books, journals, and digital products. Because publishing data were unavailable, Pannini and Disney/Hyperion are excluded from the rankings. The listing and publisher profiles were compiled by international publishing consultant Rudiger Wischenbart under the aegis of Livres Hebdo.