Berean Christian Stores is nearing the completion of a new enterprise system that had been announced earlier this year. Berean COO Bill Nielsen said the company was happy with current sales performance.

"We are very pleased with recent comp store performance, which we anticipate to continue or grow as all stores go live on our new system by June 1. Our chain growth plans include a heavy emphasis on same store sales growth, a new more robust e-commerce strategy, and the addition of new or newly acquired stores," Nielsen said in a statement. Nielsen also said the company had reviewed six potential acquisitions recently as part of a strategy for growth but found that none was a good fit.

Berean currently operates 17 stores; the chain is headquartered in Cincinnati and operates stores in the Midwest, California, and Arizona. Berean had filed for Chapter 11 in 2009, at the nadir of the economic downturn.