Exports of trade books rose 7.2% in 2012 to $833.4 million, according to figures released this morning by the AAP. The figures, drawn from BookStats, shows that exports of e-books rose 63% in the year, while print book exports increased 1.3%. The largest market for print titles last year were the U.K., Germany, Australia, South Korea, the Philippines and Singapore with the biggest gains posted in the Philippines, the U.K., France, Colombia, and the UAE. E-books found the most buyers in the U.K., Australia, Germany, France, Norway, and Switzerland with the largest gains in Germany, New Zealand, Spain, and Italy.

The young adult category was particularly popular abroad, AAP said, posting large gains in a number of markets, especially in Asia. AAP said that the Asian market for books in general has been growing rapidly due to a number of reasons that include the spread of English-language literacy, the emphasis on education and English Language Teaching (ELT), as well as interest in such subjects as business, management, technology and finance.

Online retailers have also helped to fuel growth particularly in Italy, Spain, Japan, France, China, Germany and Brazil. Gains were driven by established retailers opening new markets as well as new online retail partners emerging in some countries.

Data for the report was extrapolated from BookStats 2013, the industry survey co-produced by AAP and the Book Industry Study Group, and supplemental country-specific data provided by all major consumer publishers and their distribution clients, a total of 150 publishers. Exports to Canada were excluded. Participating publishers included Hachette Book Group, HarperCollins, Macmillan, MIT, Penguin Group, Perseus Book Group, Random House and Simon & Schuster.

More details about the export market are available from BookStats at info@publishers.org.