The German Franz Cornelsen Bildungsgruppe (Franz Cornelsen Education Group) creates and distributes learning services and educational materials for a market spanning from pre-school education to vocational training.

Key Company developments in 2012 & 2013


The group revenue fell slightly from 429 million EUR to 419 million EUR in 2012.

Ownership, Mergers & Acquisition, Internal Organization:

CEO and Managing Director Alexander Bob announced that Cornelsen will undergo reorganization until the end of 2014 and implement a digital strategy. The transformation will include the reduction of 200 full-time employees and digital investments.

The reorganization is done against the background of a shrinking textbook market and growing digitization in school teaching and private learning vendors. In 2009 and 2010, the group formed out of the merger of Cornelsen, Duden, Paetec, Oldenbourg:bsv and Volk & Wissen. Beforehand, Cornelsen separated from its children segment, the academic publishing houses Akademie and Oldenbourg, and its tutoring centers called Studienkreis (Study Group).

Earlier Developments:

The brands Cornelsen Publishing, Cornelsen Experimenta, Cornelsen Scriptor, Duden Schulbuch, Oldenbourg/bsv/Patmos, Verlag an der Ruhr and Volk und Wissen were brought together under Cornelsen Educational Publishing. As the largest department of the Franz Cornselsen Educational Holding, Cornelsen Educational Publishing unites a number of publishers of educational media.

With the retirement of Dr. Hubertus Schenkel as managing director in December 2011, Dr. Alexander Bob became chairman of the managing board. Additionally, Dr. Hans-Ulrich Daniel and Urban Meister were newly appointed to the board.

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