Gakken Holdings Co. Ltd. is a Japanese publisher of books and magazines. The company has a specific focus on educational materials, such as illustrated and pictorial works and drill books for the Japanese school market, and is also active in the general culture and lifestyle markets.

Gakken was founded in 1946 by Hideto Furuoka as an educational book and magazine publisher and producer of educational toys. In late 2009, Gakken Co. Ltd. became a holding company named Gakken Holdings Co. Ltd., followed by the establishment of two intermediate holding companies in 2010: Gakken Jyuku Holdings Co., Ltd and Gakken Shuppan Holdings Co., Ltd

Its Direct Sales segment sells educational materials, picture books, child-care trade magazines, kindergarten supplies, textbooks for schools and public offices, video software, office automation (OA) equipment, and guides for nursing care. The Commercial segment sells magazines, books and others through subscription agents, and the Cross Media division provides books and magazines through mobile devices and the web.

In 2010, the company announced to move from being a “publishing company” to a “content-creation company.”

Recently Gakken formed several alliances, notably with the preparatory school management companies Meiko Network Japan Co., Ltd., Waseda School Co., Ltd., and Sozogakuen Co., Ltd., and formed a capital and business alliance with Kosaido Co., Ltd. in 2008

Key Company Developments 2012


After a significant slump in 2009, Gakken resumed to almost pre-crisis levels and consolidated profitability, reporting a significant tripling of profits to 1.54 billion JPY in 2012 (from 550 million JPY in 2011).

Ownership, Mergers & Acquisition, Internal Organization:

In 2009, Gakken changed its name from Gakken Co. Ltd. To Gakken Holdings Co. Ltd.


Gakken operates school support programs internationally, notably in Vietnam and Thailand.



Bestselling Authors & Titles:

Gakken’s core competencies continue to be textbooks, educational materials (e.g. science kits), learning toys and stationary.

Key Points for Analysis & Conclusions:


Earlier Developments:

Income (million Yen) Sales Operating profit
2002 109,198 1,133
2003 103,764 3,563
2004 99,540 2,842
2005 93,339 1,948
2006 84,211 1,233

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