Courier Corp. reported that revenue in the third quarter ended June 28, 2014 rose 5%, to $67.7 million. Net income slipped to $1.1 million, from $1.7 million in last year’s third quarter. Sales in Courier's manufacturing segment rose 5%, to $61.1 million. In the company's publishing operations, though, sales fell to $8.5 million, from $8.8 million.

In the manufacturing segment, Courier reported that sales to the education market were up 7% in the quarter, and up 9% for the year to date. The largest increase came from sales of elementary and high school textbooks.

Sales to the religious market were up 12% in the third quarter, and up 5% for the first nine months of the yea. Sales to the trade market were down 3% in the third quarter, but up 3% for the first nine months of the fiscal year.

Within the publishing segment, Courier said sales were flat at Dover and REA, but down at Creative Homeowner, a pattern which held true both for the quarter and for the first nine months of the year. Operating results improved at both Dover and REA, with REA showing a profit both for the quarter and for the year to date, and the overall loss in the publishing group was reduced in the quarter.