Veronica Rossi’s debut, a dystopian YA romance trilogy called Under the Never Sky, sold to HarperCollins in September in a major deal and has since been quietly selling internationally. Now, after being sold in 20 markets (and landing six, six-figure advances in those foreign sales), the book is headed to Hollywood. Warner Brothers has optioned the series, for feature adaptation, beating out both Summit Entertainment (which produced the Twilight saga) and Fox. Creative executive Chris Gary acquired the dramatic rights.

The books, which are set in the future and are being billed as a post-apocalyptic Romeo & Juliet, were bought at auction by HC and the first book, called Under the Never Sky, is scheduled for winter 2012. (Book two, Through the Ever Night, is set for winter 2013, and book three, Into the Still Blue, for 2014.) Josh Adams, of Adams Literary, closed the book deal, while the film sale was handled by Stephen Moore at Paul Kohner, Inc.

With the sales happening quickly abroad—all 20 deals closed just two months after HC bought the trilogy stateside—the books are set to be lead titles in every market, Adams said, and a major global marketing push is planned.

Ross went to UCLA and studied fine art at California College of the Arts.