Seizing on both a renewed interest in his most iconic book, and frustration about the unavailability of his backlist in digital format, Shepherd Mead’s literary estate is preparing to release e-book editions of three titles by the author to coincide with the publication of a new print tie-in of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.

How to Succeed, first published in 1952, was released on Tuesday as a tie-in edition by Simon & Schuster, withDaniel Radcliffe, who is currently starring in a Broadway revival of the show, on the cover. On the occasion, the Mead Estate, overseen by Grant Turck at Velocity Management, is releasing three titles from Mead’s backlist, all of which have never before been available in e-book: How to Succeed with Women Without Really Trying: The Dastard’s Guide to the Birds and Bees; How to Stay Medium-Young Practically Forever Without Really Trying; and How to Succeed at Business Spying by Trying. All books, self-published by the Mead Estate, will feature their original cover art, after a deal was brokered with illustrator Claude Smith.

The choice to self-publish, according to the estate, came out of both lagging discussions with Simon & Schuster and inspiration drawn from similar deals of late, like the move by the Fleming Estate to self-publish a collection of Bond titles. The Mead Estate will also be self-publishing more titles in the near future, releasing in May e-book editions of How to Succeed in Tennis Without Really Trying; How to Get Rich in TV Without Really Trying; and How to Live Like a Lord Without Really Trying.