Mitch Daniels, the incumbent two-term Republican Governor of Indiana who is considered a possible candidate to run for the Republican presidential nomination, has signed a book deal with Penguin’s Sentinel imprint. In the book, which has the tentative title Keeping the Republic: Limited Government, Unlimited Citizens, Daniels will “address America’s urgent need for limited but more effective government, fiscal discipline at all levels, increased liberty for individuals, and a restoration of our national greatness,” according to the publisher. World rights were acquired by Sentinel president and publisher Adrian Zackheim from Robert B. Barnett of Williams & Connolly. Publication is planned for late September.

Commenting on the deal, Zackheim said, “What distinguishes Governor Daniels is not merely the power of his ideas, but his hard-won experience at implementing those ideas in the real world. He is a thoughtful and eloquent writer whose message deserves to be heard across the political spectrum.”