Deepak Chopra may have signed to do a memoir with Amazon, but Random House wants everyone to know that the author is still working with the publisher. After news broke that Deepak Chopra, and his brother Sanjiv Chopra, had sold a memoir to Amazon's new publishing unit, Amazon Publishing, Crown, which recently announced an imprint around the author, quickly responded with a statement to make it clear that Deepak Chopra is, despite the new deal, a Crown author.

A release from the Random House division stressed that while the author "has had several publishers simultaneously throughout his career" he "publishes the majority of his books with Crown’s Harmony Books imprint." Crown is also moving ahead with Deepak Chopra Books which it announced in April and, which will begin releasing titles signed by Chopra in 2013. Crown added that Chopra remains a firm presence on its list noting that, in addition to the imprint, Chopra has "multiple future books of his under contract."