O’Reilly Media and Publishers Weekly have reached an agreement through which PW will work with O’Reilly to promote and extend the reach of a variety of O’Reilly's Tools of Change for Publishing Conference and events. As part of the agreement, PW subscribers and readers will also receive unique content.

"By bringing together the highly respected Publishers Weekly and Tools of Change [TOC] brands, we're able to provide more content and events for the publishing community than either organization could do on its own," said O'Reilly Media publisher and general manager Joe Wikert.

"Publishers Weekly is pleased to be joining with O'Reilly Media and TOC in order to help build the current Tools of Change franchise. Together, we will explore new areas of content and expand the footprint into previously untapped regional and international arenas. PW sought a best-of-breed brand to work with in order to further PW's conference business interests and found it in TOC,” said PW publisher Cevin Bryerman.

O'Reilly first launched its Tools of Change for Publishing Conference six years ago in New York and has expanded with conferences held in Frankfurt and Bologna close to when those cities host their international book fairs and more expansion is planned. "Throughout 2011, TOC has ramped up to become much more than simply a once- or twice-a-year in-person event,” Wikert noted. “TOC offers content in a variety of formats—including e-books, video podcasts, and webcasts. Publishers Weekly is now to be an integral part of each of those initiatives, enabling TOC to reach even more publishing professionals. Publishers Weekly's team of professionals will also play an important role in helping shape the editorial calendar and content for TOC events going forward.”

The next TOC conference is set for February 13-15 in New York at the Marriott Marquis Times Square. To take advantage of the early bird registration click here.