Seven Stories Press has announced that it will release Adbusters publisher Kalle Lasn's Occupy Econ 101 in June 2012. Adbusters is the Canadian-based not-for-profit, left-leaning magazine, co-founded by Lasn, that organized the first Occupy Wall Street demonstration. The book, Seven Stories said, will "articulate what could be the next steps in rethinking and remaking our world with a new economic paradigm."

Occupy Evon 101 grew out of a project Seven Stories began in 2009 with Lasn; that year the press started working with the author to expand an article that had recently run in Adbusters, which was called "Thought Control in Economics: Beyond the Growth Paradigm / An Activist Toolkit." As the Occupy Wall Street Movement grew, though, the project changed and was pushed up. Lasn said the book will be a kind of "textbook for the future" that Seven Stories publisher Dan Simon added will be "a new kind of book, one for readers and activists."

A first printing of 50,000 has been set.