International Creative Management, the agency with strongholds on the West and East coasts, has finalized a buyout of the firm by its top executives. With the deal, which brings executives from the company's four main groups--film, television, publishing and touring--into one managing partnership, the firm will now be known as ICM Partners.

The core members of the publishing department included in the new management structure, which includes over 15 executives, are Sloan Harris, Amanda "Binky" Urban and Esther Newberg. Rizvi Traverse and Jeffrey Berg, the former chairman and CEO, sold their controlling interest in the company and neither will be involved with the management of ICM Partners moving forward.

Speaking to the decision to make the company a partnership, the group issued this statement: "This is an important day for our clients and agents as we begin the transformation of ICM into ICM Partners. ... ICM Partners, now under the complete control of a partnership of agents, is committed to expanding the agency’s core businesses of film, television, publishing and live events for the benefit of clients and associates alike.”