International rights portal PubMatch this week announced a partnership with the Copyright Clearance Center to create an automated, Web-based exchange for rights deals, powered by the CCC’s popular RightsLink transaction engine.

With affiliates in 15 countries, covering 11 languages, PubMatch, offers members a range of services, including the ability to build company, author, or individual title profiles showing current rights status by language and territory; a “look inside the book” functionality through PDF uploads; and the ability to create an “on-the-fly” catalogue before trade shows. The partnership with CCC, one of the world’s most prominent global rights brokers, adds a sophisticated transaction engine to the mix, enabling users to complete direct deals online, with a focus on whole book translations and distribution, including payment transactions by credit card, and customer service.

“With this new agreement between PubMatch and the CCC, rightsholders will now have a way of facilitating transactions that might have otherwise been lost,” said George Slowik, Jr., president of Publishers Weekly, speaking on behalf of PubMatch. “Utilizing the muscle of CCC's RightsLink, parties will have a new resource to arrange and vet rights sales. This improved efficiency will make more works available in more languages and more markets internationally than ever before.”

The partnership will benefit a full spectrum ofstakeholders, adds Miles McNamee, VP, Licensing and Business Development, CCC. “Rightsholders can list available titles and rights, and the service will make it easy for local publishers in any country to find available rights.”

PubMatch is a joint venture between Publishers Weekly and Combined Book Exhibit.