The U.K-based Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) has reached an arrangement with PubMatch, the international book rights network, providing ALLi members access to PubMatch’s premium range of membership services at the discounted rate of $9.99 annually (usual cost, $79.99).

PubMatch a partnership between Publishers Weekly, and The Combined Book Exhibit, aims to connect publishers, authors and agents worldwide to strike rights deals. ALLi director Orna Ross said “We are always looking for tools and organizations that can benefit indie authors and selling international and sub rights is always a challenge for all but the biggest of bestsellers. Yet we know there are many small presses all over the world who are interesting in indie work. We hope this service will allow our members to take hold of the international rights scene in a new way, to reach out to agents and publishers abroad and to receive alerts about potential buyers for their book rights."

The service also allows the Alliance to put together a rights catalogue of all ALLi members’ books, which can be taken to book fairs and other events.

Commenting on the deal, Seth Dellon of PubMatch said: "We're excited to work with another independent author group. We've created a program specifically for ALLi tying all ALLi authors into the same umbrella profile so that not only will ALLi members have access to all of PubMatch's features, but ALLi itself will be able to do even more for their authors."