PubMatch, the book publishing and international rights database founded by Publishers Weekly and Combined Book Exhibit, is introducing a new upgrade at this year’s London Book Fair--Rights@PubMatch. Developed in cooperation with the Copyright Clearance Center, Rights@PubMatch is a transaction engine that empowers its users to buy and sell rights with a few computer clicks. The system, which is powered by CCC’s RightsLink, allows rights sellers to detail exactly which rights are available-- from language to territory to format--and provides rights sellers with a contract to execute a complete transaction. If desired, buyers and sellers can replace the system’s standard contract with one of their own design.

Through Rights@PubMatch, acquiring content has never been easier: after a buyer accepts a seller’s terms, they are able to purchase the right to the book with a few simple clicks and a credit card, the collections are made and the net remittances are sent to the seller. To ensure that deals will be completely VAT/withholding tax compliant, Rights@PubMatch engaged the international accounting firm Deloitte. George Slowik, Jr. , president of Publishers Weekly, notes that while nothing can replace face-to-face discussions in creating rights deals, PubMatch and Rights@PubMatch are ideal for facilitating transactions in hard to reach markets or for midlist and backlist titles in a cost efficient, turnkey manner.

"PubMatch is a global rights network that, for the past few years, has made the connection of potential international partners easier,” explains Jon Malinowski, president of CBE. “Those early networking efforts yielded over 8,000 members discussing more than 20,000 titles. Yet the connection is only the first step in a rights transaction and that is why we have developed Rights@PubMatch.”