The U.S. Military Academy, Simon & Schuster and Rowan Technology Solutions have announced that they will publish a series of books on military history called The West Point History of Warfare.

The first volume in the series, The West Point History of the Civil War, will be released October 21, 2014 in both print and enhanced digital formats. S&S v-p and senior editor Thomas LeBein acquired North American rights from Eric Lupfer and Eric Simonoff of WME Entertainment.

The U.S. Military Academy—better known as West Point—has been publishing and revising military history textbooks since 1847. The new series has been updated with the help pf of Rowan, an educational technology startup founded by West Point graduates. The three year project included adding thousands of original tactical maps and newly-commissioned chapters by leading experts to the series. Upcoming volumes will include The West Point History of World War II and The West Point History of the American Revolution.

"We developed the West Point curriculum to educate and inspire West Point cadets to understand their chosen profession," says Col. Ty Seidule, the head of the department of history at West Point and who wrote the introduction to the first title. “But in a democracy like the United States, it is important for all citizens, not just professional soldiers, to know something about warfare in general, and about the Civil War, which did so much to shape our national history, in particular.”