Capstone Publishing Group, a publisher of children’s books and digital products primarily for the school and library market, has acquired the assets of Engage Literacy, a K-3 literacy program.

Capstone has headquartered in Minnesota since 1991, while Engage is from Australian-based classroom publisher Hinkler Education, a division of Hinkler Books. Capstone has been the distributor of Engage Literacy in North America, the U.K., and Ireland since 2012.

Engage Literacy supports literacy through reading and writing, as well as by speaking and listening. It can be used with a focus on the individual student, as well as on small groups and entire classrooms. The program includes both fiction and non-fiction texts linked to the curriculum that are categorized by theme and reading level. Engage Literacy features digital components to support comprehension, benchmark assessments, and teacher support materials.

“We’ve had a wonderful collaborative partnership with Hinkler Education for the last two years effectively bringing Engage Literacy into U.S. and UK classrooms. We’re thrilled to build on the program’s success by expanding into new areas globally where there is a great need for English literacy development,” said Matt Keller, Capstone's chief marketing officer and general manager of the Capstone Classroom business unit of Capstone Publishing Group.

Capstone plans to expand upon Engage Literacy’s print and digital offerings for the educational market.