Amazon has signed new long-term sales agreements with Penguin Random House in both the U.S and U.K. PRH was the last of the American “Big Five” publishers to reach a deal over sales terms for print and e-books.

Just before May’s BookExpo America, reports surfaced in the British press that PRH in the U.K. and Amazon were at an impasse in their sales terms negotiations, although both sides, and PRH in particular, downplayed those reports.

Commenting on reports about the new deal, an Amazon spokesperson said: "I can confirm that we’ve signed new long term agreements with Penguin Random House in both the US and the UK."

A PRH spokesperson declined to comment on the situation with Amazon. "We do not discuss our relationships with our retail partners," the spokesperson said. "But, as you can see, we still are in business with Amazon, and with all our retail partners, and will continue to be," the spokesperson added, referring to the May U.K. media reports that suggested PRH might pull its titles off of Amazon if an agreement wasn't reached.

Details of the new agreement were not disclosed.