Independent Publishers Group has cut deals with Bookmasters and Edwards Brothers Malloy, moves that give the distributor an agreement with every major print-on-demand company in the market.

The deal with Bookmasters, the digital print provider for Baker & Taylor, will help IPG publishers cut costs in working with B&T and will enable them to keep their titles that are enrolled with Bookmasters's POD program in stock. The agreement with Edwards Brothers Malloy includes the building of a 17,000 foot digital print facility at IPG's Chicago distribution center that is part of Edwards Brothers' POD network. The facility is currently available for black and white paperback printing, with full color and case bound capabilities due later this year.

According to IPG, the focus on POD solutions is a reaction to market demands, and its strategy is to print as close to its consumer base as possible, eliminating transportation costs and increasing speed to market. In addition to the Bookmasters and Edwards Brothers deals, IPG has POD agreements with Lightning Source and Createspace.

“Publishers can no longer wait and collect backorders while they plan their next print run,” IPG CEO Joe Matthews said in a statement, calling the distributor "ready to work with any partner who can guarantee availability of our titles to their customers through digital print technology.”