Responding to what it said is the “new economy of publishing,” the Authors Guild has introduced a new membership level for emerging writers called the Emerging Writer Membership.

Unlike its existing membership categories, which require authors to earn a certain level of income from their writing and to be professionally published, the new category is “open to all devoted writers actively pursuing publication,” the guild said.

To help promote the new category, the guild has teamed with Electronic Literature.

"Today, writers build their careers through a combination of freelance work, social media, and personal web publications like Tumblr, Tinyletter, and Medium as often, or more frequently, than they do from book contracts,” said Halimah Marcus, executive director of Electric Literature. She added that this new breed of author is not "following a traditional career path" and needs "different resources accordingly.”

The new, non-voting, membership category will be tailored to the needs of writers in the early stages of their careers. For a $100 annual fee, it will provide writers access to almost all of the resources that the guild provides. Among these services are access to free or discounted advice on marketing and social media outreach, media liability insurance, and website hosting. The guild will also offer seminars, workshops and networking opportunities exclusively for emerging writers.