Effective immediately, Publishers Weekly is hosting the Translation Database on the PW website.

Founded in 2008 by Chad Post of Open Letter Books, the database, otherwise known as Three Percent, has information on over 6,000 work of fiction and poetry. (The database details include information on the book's author, translator, publisher, language and country of origin.) With the move to the PW site, the database will be open to anyone who wants to add new titles, including nonfiction and children’s books in translation.

In addition to living on the PW site, which attracts more than 1 million unique visitors a month, the database will continue to be housed on the University of Rochester’s Three Percent website.

“Now that it’s on PW’s website in a searchable, Web-based format, the possibilities for the Translation Database have grown exponentially," Post said. "Not only does it open up lines of research, but we now have the opportunity to get an even larger view of what’s being published in translation here in the U.S. For years, translators have been asking us to track other types of translations, but as a single person entering all this data, I was a bit strapped for time. Allowing others to fill in the gaps is going to make this an even more powerful tool than ever.”

George Slowik, Jr., president and CEO of PWxyz LLC, the parent company of Publishers Weekly, said: “It is a real honor to host the Translation Database on PW’s website. In keeping with Publishers Weekly’s commitment to the business of international rights and licensing, we are pleased to be able to introduce the database to a wider audience of publishers, rights holders, authors, translators, illustrators, agents and others engaged in the sharing of information within the global publishing community.”