SparkPoint Studio has acquired Shebooks, a women’s e-book publisher founded in 2013 by three women with magazine and book publishing backgrounds.

Since its launch, Shebooks has published 75 e-book titles by, and for, women. SparkPoint CEO Crystal Patriarche explained that Shebooks has been rebranded as SheBooks, and a new logo has been created. The new line will operate under SparkPoint’s She Writes Press imprint, and serve as the hybrid publisher’s e-book only option.

While most SheBooks titles have averaged about 10,000 words, Patriarche said under She Writes Press authors “can play with a range of options.” She noted that an author may want to test the market with an e-book, before committing to a print title. As a hybrid publisher, She Writes Press operates under an author-subsidized model where the author helps underwrite the cost of pubication. While the price for a SheBooks e-book title has not yet been set, it will be lower than the charge for print, Patriarche said.

The 75 SheBooks titles that have been published to date will now be available through She Writes’ e-book distribution channel. Authors can take advantage of She Writes print distribution through Ingram Publisher Services, said Brooke Warner, publisher of She Writes.

The first new titles from SheBooks are expected to be released this fall and Patriarche estimated that initially 10 SheBooks’ titles will be released per season.