Hay House has announced the creation of a new imprint, Hay House Business, a dedicated business imprint. Patricia Gift, publisher and v-p of Hay House, will oversee the imprint, which will release its first book in January 2019.

“For many years I have been secretly dreaming about launching a business imprint here at Hay House due to my love of business and knowing what powerful changes successful businesses can bring about in the world,” Hay House CEO Reid Tracy said in a statement. “Unfortunately, it wasn’t practical because of sales and distribution limitations, but now with our partnership with Penguin Random House Publisher Services we have the right situation in which to do it.”

The first book under the new imprint will be Millionaire Success Habits, by Dean Graziosi. The book will be the first of eight scheduled to publish in 2019, including Meant for More by Lisa Sasevich, Measurable Marketing by Brian Kurtz, Bring Your Whole Self to Work by Mike Robbins, How to Succeed by Not Fitting In by Sandi Krakowski, and Chillpreneur by Denise Duffield-Thomas.