Barricade Books, the independent press founded by the late maverick publisher Lyle Stuart in 1990, has been sold.

Since Stuart’s death in 2006, Barricade has been run by his widow, Carole, who has sold the company to Jonathan Bernstein. Bernstein said he worked in an “accounting capacity” for Barricade in the late 1990s and has served as an adviser to Carole since 2006.

“Carole decided she wants to retire, and afforded me the unique opportunity to acquire this iconic publishing house, imprint and backlist,” Bernstein went on. “It’s an honor to be handed the responsibility for this small-part of Lyle Stuart’s important legacy.”

According to Bernstein, Barricade has about 100 backlist titles and two true crime books in the pipeline. Bernstein said his intention is to begin releasing new titles and to develop the Barricade brand. Topping his priorities is to create a new website.

Stuart started Barricade after selling Lyle Stuart, Inc. to Steve Schragis, who founded Carol Publishing. One the most controversial books Stuart published at his first company was The Anarchist Cookbook, which included instructions on making bombs. Stuart held onto the rights of the book, which was one of the first titles published by Barricade. Under Carole, Barricade continued to focus on releasing nonfiction works, including ones that, according to its website “test the boundaries of the First Amendment.”